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Who is Cierra Nirvana Massage?

Welcome to Cierra Nirvana Massage, your destination for an exceptional fusion of massage artistry and on-the-go convenience. I'm Cierra, and with a wealth of experience in massage therapy, my specialization lies in addressing the unique pain concerns that women may encounter. At Cierra Nirvana Massage, our focus extends beyond mere relaxation; we are committed to the art of pain relief and promoting holistic well-being, especially tailored to the distinctive needs of women.

Having personally navigated the challenges of chronic pain, I empathize with the transformative impact of targeted pain relief. This personal journey fuels my dedication to assisting others in finding solace from their discomfort. Whether you're contending with menstrual pain, pregnancy-related discomfort, hormonal shifts, or chronic issues such as autoimmune disorders of fibromyalgia, Cierra Nirvana is devoted to delivering healing to your doorstep through our mobile massage services.

Cierra Nirvana will broaden its horizons beyond mobile services to introduce in-office treatments, offering an expanded array of options, including cupping and ashiatsu, to further enhance your well-being. Embark with me on the journey toward a pain-free existence, where personalized massage harmonizes with the convenience of your own space.

Cierra Ostiguy, RMP

Founder of Cierra Nirvana Massage

Massage Therapy That Works.

Effective healing, personalized care for women's unique issues: unleash the power of therapeutic touch with our comprehensive massage therapy service